Extensional and Wrench Tectonics and Sedimentation

designed for

geologists and geophysicists ideally with a minimum of 3 years experience


illustrate basin-scale relationships between fault geometry and evolution, syn-rift sediment distribution and analog hydrocarbon fairways in an active transtensional basin


4-6 days (inclusive of travel)


14 (max)


Death Valley, California and area

course description

Death Valley presents an excellent opportunity to examine an exposed crustal-scale transtensional basin and its early syn-rift fill. Potential reservoir, source and seal facies and hydrocarbon fairways can be viewed and discussed at a true rift basin scale. The 3-D fault geometry in this active basin also provide superb opportunities to investigate the impact of basin geometry on sediment distribution.

Topics to be addressed in this course include:

• geometry of large-scale strike-slip fault systems and extensional/transtensional basins

• tectonic evolution, climate, drainage systems and facies distribution in the rift (especially in lacustrine basins)

• relative volumes of potential reservoir types related to fault geometry

• extensional fault transfer zones and sediment entry points into the basin

• assessing thermal and tectonic subsidence and uplift in rift basins and their margins

• heat flow and volcanic rocks in rift basins


Recommended as a follow-up or add-on to “Extensional Fault Systems and Hydrocarbons” and/ or in conjunction with classroom components from “Tectonics and Hydrocarbons in Extensional Basins”

instruction costs

• please refer to the courses brochure


additional costs

(to be determined based on current prices, number of participants, etc):

• air travel (to and from Calgary), accommodation and meals for instructors in the field

• reproduction costs for course manual and exercises if not provided by the client

• air travel, 4x4 vehicle rental, fuel, accommodation and meals for participants


materials in this course are licensed from EnCana Corporation



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