Seismic Interpretation of Structural Styles

designed for

geoscience professionals starting their career or at any level who wish to understand fundamental seismic interpretation in a structural context. G&G technologists who require an understanding of structural interpretation of seismic data will also benefit from attending this class


to showcase the application of structural geology concepts to the interpretation of seismic data in a broad range of different structural regimes


5 days


20 (max)



course description

The class is designed as a seismic workshop-style class and will consist of presentations and lectures interspersed with numerous seismic exercises.

Main topics include:

• introduction: basic structural concepts, geometries, and common seismic interpretation issues

• extensional structural regimes: examples, analytical techniques, petroleum systems and interpretation exercises in 2-D and 3-D

• compressional structural regimes: examples, interpretation, petroleum systems and balancing and correlation exercises in 2-D and 3-D

• tectonic inversion: seismic examples, interpretation exercises and the impact of inversion on the petroleum system

• gravitationally driven systems: balancing downdip compressional shortening with updip extension

• strike slip structural regimes: transtension, transpression and reconciling map and seismic data

• salt and mobile shale structural regimes: the basics of salt tectonics, application to shale diapirism and seismic interpretation exercises

• fault seal analysis: integration of seismic and well data for fault seal analysis


instruction costs

• please refer to the courses brochure

• there will be additional instruction costs for courses held outside N. America and Europe


additional costs

(to be determined based on current prices, number of participants, etc):

• travel, accommodation and meals for instructors for travel outside Calgary only

• reproduction costs for course manual and exercises

• course venue (+/- lunch/snacks) if not provided directly by the client



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