Structures and Reservoirs of the "Undeformed" WCSB

designed for

geologists, geophysicists, engineers and technologists of all experience levels working in the Alberta Plains


to raise awareness, using superb outcrop exposures, of the presence of significant deformation in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin subsurface and of its impact on hydrocarbon plays and production in southern Alberta
a secondary objective is to view several Lower to Upper Cretaceous reservoir units both structural and facies control on reservoir properties


1-3 days


18 (max)


Lethbridge, Alberta and area (ground travel from Calgary)

course description

The trip will use outcrops, regional maps and accompanying case studies to explore the interaction between tectonics, clastic deposition, and hydrocarbon reservoirs and trapping. These relationships will be discussed and illustrated from the reservoir to basin scale.

Main highlights will include:

• outcrop exposures of three styles of faulting, including compressional fold-thrust structures, tens of kilometres from the traditional foothills front

• discussion of relationship between structures and nearby producing fields

• discussion of interplay between Cretaceous faulting and sedimentary facies distribution

• outcrop exposures of several Cretaceous reservoir intervals, with focus on Milk River Fm

• overview of the “Triangle Zone” deformation and structural trap fairway in the eastern foothills


instruction costs

• please refer to the courses brochure


additional costs

(to be determined based on current prices, number of participants, etc):

• accommodation and meals for instructors in the field

• reproduction costs for course manual and exercises if not provided by the client

• vehicle rental, fuel, accommodation and meals for participants



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