Tectonics and Hydrocarbons in Extensional Basins

designed for

geologists, geophysicists and managers exploring in extensional basins, ideally with minimum 3 years experience


illustrate geometry, evolution and petroleum prospectivity of extensional basins, with emphasis on applied techniques and global examples


3-5 days


20 (max)



course description

Extensional rift basins are a major habitat for hydrocarbon accumulations. The course is designed to review the tectonic setting and evolution of extensional fault systems, their related sedimentary basins and the petroleum systems that they contain. A key focus is exploring the interplay between tectonics and sedimentation to understand hydrocarbon prospectivity. The course will also focus on the techniques of analysis for extensional systems. Abundant examples and case studies from hydrocarbon-producing basins around the globe provide a foundation to examine both conventional and non-conventional play concepts in extensional basins.

Main topics include:

• review of Extensional Fundamentals

• listric and planar extensional faults in 2-d: growth sequences, evolution and predictive modeling

• extensional basin evolution in 3-d: geometry of transfer zones and transfer faults

• displacement gradients, fault correlation and fault seal analysis

• footwall uplift and erosion: impact on play systems

• extension and sedimentation: hydrocarbon plays in rift systems

• tectonic inversion of rift systems: play implications


The course is taught through lectures and practical exercises. Clients are encouraged to contribute additional data for the purpose of confidential discussion or workshop with instructors.

instruction costs

• please refer to the courses brochure

• there will be additional instruction costs for courses held outside N. America and Europe


additional costs

(to be determined based on current prices, number of participants, etc):

• travel, accommodation and meals for instructors for travel outside Calgary only

• reproduction costs for course manual and exercises

• course venue (+/- lunch/snacks) if not provided directly by the client


materials in this course are licensed from EnCana Corporation



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