Extensional Fault Systems and Hydrocarbons

designed for

geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers ideally with a minimum of 3 years experience


to see at several scales the 3-D geometry of extensional fault systems and discuss implications for sediment distribution, trap geometry, fault seal and reservoir performance


5-7 days (inclusive of travel)


14 (max)


Moab, Utah (ground travel from and to Salt Lake City)

course description

Key course topics and outcrop examples include:

• superb field examples of 3-D characteristics of extensional systems at all scales from single outcrop to entire basin margin, in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, the San Raphael Swell, and the Wasatch fault system

• transfer zone geometry, evolution and importance for sediment supply

• extensional fault-dependent trap types and geometries

• fault seal/ leak, with geometry and evolution of shale and sand smears

• fault “damage” zones, deformation bands and implications for reservoir characterization and production

• an optional flyover of the superbly exposed “Grabens” extensional fault system in Canyonlands Park

• discussion of hydrocarbon field analogues in extensional provinces (North Sea, East Coast Canada, GOM, Gulf of Suez, etc.)


Ideal when field components are combined with 1-2 days of classroom lectures and exercises (in Moab) derived from the “Tectonics and Hydrocarbons in Extensional Basins” course (previous page). The course can be run in conjunction with the “Extensional and Wrench Tectonics and Sedimentation” field course (below) to provide an excellent overview of extensional systems up to the full basin scale.

instruction costs

• please refer to the courses brochure


additional costs

(to be determined based on current prices, number of participants, etc):

• air travel (Calgary-SLC return), accommodation and meals for instructors in the field

• reproduction costs for course manual/ field guides if not provided by the client

• air travel, 4x4 vehicle rental, accommodation and meals for participants

• optional fixed-wing flyover of the “Grabens” in Canyonlands National Park



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